The Ramsey Fourth of July celebrations and fireworks have been moved to SUNDAY, July 2nd!! All times remain the same for events that were to take place. Have a great day and Happy 4th!

RAMSEYNJOEM: Independence Day Celebration, Fireworks, Softball game all moved to tomorrow due to weather risks. Details www.facebook.com/ramseyoem


Media Release: Robberies


Chief Press Release


The Ramsey Police Department is investigating three recent robberies. The Ramsey Police Department is asking that anyone with any information regarding these three incidents to contact the Ramsey Police Department at 201-327-2400. Residents are advised to be vigilant and to walk with a friend.

Robbery SuspectRobbery Suspect #2Robbery Suspect #3


Strong Arm Robbery- July 25, 2016

On Monday, July 25, 2016 at approximately 2347 hours (11:47PM), a pedestrian was approached in the area of North Island Avenue and Washington Drive by two male suspects. Suspect #1 is described as a black male; about 160 pounds; approximately 5’8″ in height; thin build. Suspect #2 is described as a white male; approximately 160-170 pounds; 5’8″-5’10” in height; slender build. See below link for the sketch of Suspect #1. No sketch available of Suspect #2 at this time.

July 25th, Suspect #1

Armed Robbery – August 2, 2016

On Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at approximately 2324 hours (11:24PM), a resident of East Crescent Avenue, Ramsey, was approached by two males, one of which displayed a black handgun. Suspect #1 is described as light skinned, black male; 18-25 years old; muscular build; approximately 150-175 pounds; approximately 6’0″ in height; short, black hair. Suspect #2 is described as a black male; muscular build, approximately 6’0″ in height. See below link for the sketch of Suspect #1. No Sketch available of Suspect #2 at this time.

August 2nd, Suspect #1

Attempted Strong Arm Robbery – August 11, 2016

On Thursday, August 11, 2016 at approximately 2259 hours (10:59PM), two juvenile residents were walking on Hart Street while using their cell phones. Three actors in a dark-colored four door sedan stopped next to the victims. Two black male suspects exited their vehicles and approached the victims. The two victims were able to flee the scene after a brief collision with a suspect and call for help. No proceeds were taken and no weapons were shown to the victims. No sketch of the suspects available at this time.



Dear Resident:
Notices for the start of construction of the water main replacement work on Maple Street were previously distributed by our office to residents on May 9, 2016.  We wish to advise you that certain construction activities may hamper vehicle access to and from your home during the day when construction takes place.  During the construction on Maple Street, you will be allowed to temporarily park in the commuter parking lot off of Maple Street without a parking permit.  Listed below are a few guidelines to follow for parking in the commuter parking lot without a parking permit:

  • This cover letter must be displayed on the dash of your vehicle while it is parked in the commuter parking lot for the Police Department to know that you are one of the residents affected by the construction.
  • Parking in the commuter parking lot will only be allowed during the hours of construction, which will normally be 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Overnight parking and weekend parking will not be permitted.

Crew Engineers, Inc. of Butler, New Jersey, designed and will oversee construction of the water main project.  Mr. Gene Esposito will be the Construction Observer who will be on site during the construction and is available to help answer your questions or concerns.  You can reach him at (973) 886-0100 or Crew’s Construction Administrator, Bill Jensen, at (973) 492-3300 during business hours.  The 24-hour emergency telephone number is (201) 327-2400 (Ramsey Police Department).  The Police will be able to contact the Contractor 24 hours a day, every day.  We thank you for your patience and cooperation while we work to improve water service to the area.

Very truly yours,

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