Memorial Day Parade 2016 CANCELLED


Due to impending inclement weather, the 2016 Memorial Day Parade has been cancelled. The Memorial Day ceremony will be held at the Ramsey High School auditorium at 11am. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have a great weekend and support the men and women serving our country!



-Several victims from Ramsey have recently been the subject of an apparent “rental scam” where the actor/suspect pose as the landlord of a particular residence, and advertise a specific property for rent – either on Craigslist or Trulia.

-This “landlord” will correspond with our victim (who responded to the rental property advertisement) via e-mail and requests money (usually between $500.00-$1,000.00) be sent to the “landlord” via Western Union in order for the “landlord” to send the renter/victim the key to the residence. The “landlord” asks for the money as a form of commitment from the renter/victim. The “landlord” will also ask that an application be completed by the renter through e-mail. Photographs of the rental property will be posted on-line in the advertisement. These photographs will come from an actual property which is already listed for SALE on the internet. The “landlord” obviously never meets with the prospective renter. The “landlord” also claims that he/she has moved to another state for work, which is the reason for renting the property. The grammar from the “landlord” in the e-mails is usually poor.

-Please consult with a real estate attorney or realtor prior to sending money to an unknown person for a rental property. If you are a victim of a scam please contact your local police department.



The 2015 DARE Culmination will be Thursday June 11th 7:00pm @ Ramsey High School.

Ramsey PD NJSACOP Executive Program


Paramus, Ramsey, Ridgewood police chiefs certified by prestigious NJSACOP executive program.

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“UDrive. UText. UPay”


New Jersey’s Distracted Driving Enforcement Crackdown “UDrive. UText. UPay”. Begins today and runs through April 21.

Press Release


Anil A. Iqbal

LKA: 25 Hartford Drive
Egg Harbor Township
New Jersey

DOB: 4/8/1978

2C:5-2A1  – Conspiracy to commit theft

2C:20-25C –  Theft by Extortion (two counts)

2C:20-4A – Theft by Deception

2C:20-7.1B Fencing (dealing with stolen property)

Bail: $1,000.000.00 no 10% option

Set by the Honorable Joseph Rotolo, Ramsey

Court Date: To be announced

On March 30th the Egg Harbor Police Department reported that they have the above named party in custody on criminal warrants from the Ramsey Police Department, after a motor vehicle stop.

On or about April 14, 2014, Iqbal was an employee at the Emporio Motors located at Rt. 1355 17 SB.  A victim had brought his 2013 Lamborghini into the dealership on a consignment sale. The vehicle was sold to a Nevada resident for $368,274.  The money was never delivered to the original owner. Detective Brad Smith of the Ramsey Police Department was the investigator and the complainant.

The Ramsey Police Department along with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been investigating Emporio Motors.  The owner Afzal “Bobby” Khan remains a fugitive from justice.  Iqbal and Khan are biological brothers.  When Iqbal was born there were mistakes made on his birth certificate.

Chief Bryan Gurney, MAS, CPM
Ramsey Police Department
FBI National Academy Session 199

Training Exercise at Ramsey HS



Any questions call RPD HQ at 201-327-2400.”

Mahwah Marine Moms Wreath Ceremony – Read More >


mahwahmarineSaturday December 13, 2014.




In regards to the possible attempted luring incident on November 13th, the Detective Bureau had determined that the outcome of the investigation was in fact 3 juveniles from Ramsey High School and their mother in the vehicle picking up another child from the Library and one of the JV’s yelled to his little brother as a joke.

There is no need for concern however all parents should remain vigilant and are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the Ramsey Police.

Unattended Package Alert


Residents and business owners should be aware that throughout the County, thieves have been targeting packages that have been left at doorsteps. Ramsey has seen 5 such cases. Unattended packages are an easy target. Try to have your packages delivered later in the evening while you are home, or supply your carrier with an alternate address of a relative or neighbor to take them in for you, or require a signature for delivery.

The holidays are a busy time of year, as crimes of opportunity are also on the rise during this time. Protect your valuables.

As always, should you see any suspicious activity, call the police.

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