The Ramsey Police Department will be hiring officers. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a police officer for the Borough of Ramsey, please complete the application below. DO NOT call the police department for information about the exam.


Attorney General Guidance for Use of Force


“TO: All County Prosecutors

FROM: Gurbir S. Grewal, Attorney General

DATE: June 5, 2020

SUBJECT: Guidance Regarding Police Use of Force

Like all of you, I am still reeling from the footage of George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis. His death reminds us that our country has a long way to go—not only in healing our nation’s racial divides, but also in addressing the systemic and implicit biases that prevent all Americans from equally securing our country’s great promises. Now more than ever, we must redouble our commitment to building trust between law enforcement and the people we serve, especially those from historically marginalized communities.

Here in New Jersey, we are absolutely committed to a criminal justice system that is fair, just, and free of bias. I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that the County Prosecutors Association of New Jersey issued earlier this week, noting our “solemn responsibility” as law enforcement officers and reiterating our shared commitment to a culture of professionalism, accountability, and transparency.” ….

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Attorney General Guidance

Use of Force Training Document


Training conducted by the Ramsey Police Department that involves the Use of Force

Use of Force Document

Chief Gurney’s Statement


June 4, 2020

To All:

The Ramsey Police Department is committed to our mission statement and core values. Ramsey Police Officers are also highly trained in many different disciplines that involves the use and de-escalation of force.

The Ramsey Police Department will always maintain communications with our community. Direct communications with the public, will assist us on delivering the best police service possible. Along with supplying professional police service, it also allows us to understand the neeeds and sentiments of our residents.

The Ramsey Police Department condemns the acts perpetrated by the officers involved in Mr. Floyd’s untimely and preventable death. The Ramsey Police Department extends sincere condolences to the Floyd family. Mr Floyd’s death at the hand of police officers, is in no way connected to the Ramsey Police Department. The Ramsey Police Officers also realize the actions of a few bad police officers, taints all good police officers. No one detests bad police officers more than good police officers.

Although this COVID-19 pandemic and the recent tragic events in Minneapolis has challenged us, I assure you that every Ramsey Police Officer is committed to treat and serve ALL citizens, fairly and with respond.

Very Truly yours,

Bryan Gurney

Chief of Police

Chief Gurney’s Publication

Unattended Package Alert


Residents and business owners should be aware that throughout the County, thieves have been targeting packages that have been left at doorsteps. Ramsey has seen 5 such cases. Unattended packages are an easy target. Try to have your packages delivered later in the evening while you are home, or supply your carrier with an alternate address of a relative or neighbor to take them in for you, or require a signature for delivery.

The holidays are a busy time of year, as crimes of opportunity are also on the rise during this time. Protect your valuables.

As always, should you see any suspicious activity, call the police.

Prescription Drop Box


What is a Permanent Prescription Drop Box? Where are they Located?

With the growing concern for misuse of prescription medication and water quality, the first 24/7 free standing permanent drug disposal site in Bergen County was recently established at the Paramus Police Department. Other departments – Palisades Park, Park Ridge, River Vale, Leonia, Township of Washington and Ridgefield – have recently established the drop-off sites, with numerous other municipalities expressing interest.

A local initiative of the Bergen County Department of Health Services, Office of Alcohol and Drug Dependency’s County Municipal Alliance Program in cooperation with Consumer Affairs Division of the Attorney General’s office, this community based public health initiative highlights the problem of prescription drug abuse and enables Bergen County residents to contribute to the solution. This Box is monitored and maintained by the police department, offering a place to drop off expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no questions asked. The metal, locked box is similar to a mailbox and once the unwanted pills are dropped in, they cannot be removed nor can anyone reach into/through the door.

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