Firearms Applicants EFFECTIVE MARCH 25, 2020
Ramsey residents who are interested in applying for a firearms ID card (18 yrs old) or permit to purchase a handgun (21 yrs. old) must click on the FARS link below.All applications will be online

Any questions can be directed to the Records Clerk, Marlene Dougherty, Monday through Friday 8am-4pm or email with Sgt. Fiore [email protected] or Det. Macaluso [email protected].

The Ramsey Police Department strives to process applications as fast as they can, but we work with a number of outside agencies that we rely on to help us in the application/investigation process, we cannot move forward until we have all the necessary checks and verifications. Additionally, please ensure that all forms are filled out completely. Failure to complete will delay the application process.

Please understand that due to the nature of police work, the officers listed above work rotating shifts and odd hours; at times a response may be a few days in coming.

You MUST USE the ORI NUMBER assigned to RAMSEY POLICE DEPARTMENT that is:  NJ0024800 .

Report a Traffic Issue
Please download and fill out the “Traffic Complaint Form” (a PDF File) and return it to Ramsey Police Headquarters either in person or by mail.
You may also email either:
Sergeant Pieratos ([email protected]), Sergeant Hines ([email protected]), Patrolman Arsi ([email protected]), Patrolman Peterson ([email protected]) or Patrolman Canonico ([email protected]).
Please be sure to include your name, address, phone or cell number and be as specific as possible.

Your traffic complaint may constitute a “Quality of Life” issue and is important to us. Please note that anonymous complaints will be considered as “low priority”.

Residents who request a traffic survey may be contacted by a Traffic Officer for further information regarding their request.

Traffic Complaint.pdf > >

Self reporting Accident  Form: 

used when Police did not respond to your minor accident and now your insurance is requesting the report.



Emergency Contact and Alarm Registration Form
This form can be used for both emergency contact information and alarm registration.

Please download this page, complete it and return it to the PD. You can mail, fax or drop a copy off in person.

Remember to complete all the information if possible.

Ramsey Police Needs Your Help.pdf  > >

Public Records Request Form
To request public records from the Ramsey Police Department

OPRA Request.pdf > >

Massage Therapy License Application
Ramsey Police Massage Therapy Practitioner License Application (August 2013)

Morphtrak Fingerprint form

Borough of Ramsey Massage Therapy Ordinance

Massage.pdf > >

Ramsey Police Department Internal Affairs

The members of the Ramsey Police Department are committed to providing law enforcement services that are fair, effective and impartially applied. It is in everyone’s best interest that complaints about the performance of an individual officer are resolved fairly and promptly. The Ramsey Police Department has formal procedures for investigating your complaint. These procedures ensure fairness and protect the rights of both individual citizens and police officers.

Your complaint will be sent to a specially trained Internal Affairs Officer who will conduct a thorough and objective investigation.

In accordance with New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines even anonymous complaints made against a Police Officer must be thoroughly investigated. If you wish to provide your name you may be asked to help in the investigation of the complaint by giving a detailed statement about what happened or by providing other important information which includes the names of other individuals who may have witnessed the event.

Internal Affairs Complaint Form > >

Internal Affairs Citizen Complaint Intake Checklist

Department Policy EWS 2019 >>

Please read the Checklist prior to submitting the Internal Affairs Complaint Form. Send all complaints to [email protected] or contact the Internal Affairs officer at 201-327-2400.

Ramsey Police Department Policy for Mandatory Drug Testing

Department Policy 2019 >>

Annual Report 2018 >>

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