For Immediate Release:


On Tuesday November 1, 2016 at approximately 9:25PM, a man was robbed at gun point and assaulted as he was walking in the vicinity of Orchard Place and Summit Avenue.  The victim was walking and making telephone calls, when a  Honda or Toyota typed vehicle with a loud muffler, passed him on Orchard Place.  The actor asked the victim for directions.  The victim then began to run, due to his knowledge of previous street robberies in Ramsey.  The victim was then attacked on a front lawn of a Summit Avenue home.  The actor reentered his vehicle and headed south on South Central Avenue, towards Allendale.  The actor was described as an a dark skinned, tall, skinny with dread-locks, wearing a cabbie cap and  spoke with a heavy Spanish accent.  The handgun was only described as dark colored. The proceeds of the crime was and IPhone and prescription medication. The actor meets the description of previous cell phone robberies that occurred in last summer. The Ramsey Police Department urges the public not to use cell phones outwardly on the streets after dark.  Parents are also urged to reinforce this with their children.

If anyone has any information on this crime, please contact the Ramsey Police Department at 201-327-2400.

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