-Several victims from Ramsey have recently been the subject of an apparent “rental scam” where the actor/suspect pose as the landlord of a particular residence, and advertise a specific property for rent – either on Craigslist or Trulia.

-This “landlord” will correspond with our victim (who responded to the rental property advertisement) via e-mail and requests money (usually between $500.00-$1,000.00) be sent to the “landlord” via Western Union in order for the “landlord” to send the renter/victim the key to the residence. The “landlord” asks for the money as a form of commitment from the renter/victim. The “landlord” will also ask that an application be completed by the renter through e-mail. Photographs of the rental property will be posted on-line in the advertisement. These photographs will come from an actual property which is already listed for SALE on the internet. The “landlord” obviously never meets with the prospective renter. The “landlord” also claims that he/she has moved to another state for work, which is the reason for renting the property. The grammar from the “landlord” in the e-mails is usually poor.

-Please consult with a real estate attorney or realtor prior to sending money to an unknown person for a rental property. If you are a victim of a scam please contact your local police department.

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