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Do You Have What It Takes to Serve The Residents of Ramsey?

View the link for “2013 HIRING PROCESS” & “DOWNLOADS/FORMS” for the 2013 RECRUITMENT PACKET.

The Ramsey Police Department is a Title 40A:14-118 agency created by the governing body of the municipality. It provides a line of authority relating to the police function and for the adoption and promulgation by the appropriate authority of rules and regulations for the government of the force and for the discipline of its members. Therefore, all phases of the recruitment, selection, and hiring process for entry level law enforcement positions conform to the rules and regulations established by Title 40A:14-118, municipal ordinance, and Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

The mandatory qualifications for appointment as a Ramsey police officer are:
• Citizen of the United States;
• Good physical and mental health to satisfy pension requirements;
• Literacy (fluently read, write, and speak the English language intelligently);
• Good moral character;
• Free of criminal conviction involving moral turpitude; and
• A four-year degree from an accredited college or two years military service with honorable discharge and 60 credits from a two-year degree from an accredited college, or four years active military service with an honorable discharge.

Our website, http://www.ramseypd.com will post upcoming test announcements once they are approved.

Our Core Values
Accountability: The process of rendering an account to those from whom we derive our authority of what we did, why we did it, how we did it, including accepting the personal consequences of our actions. Accountability is also answerability – the obligation to provide information to others in our communities of interest with respect to our decisions, actions, and results in light of clear, previous agreed upon understandings and expectations.

Respect: is the objective, unbiased consideration and regard for the rights, values, beliefs, and property of all people.

Honesty: is being truthful in character and behavior.

Compassion: is demonstrating care and sensitivity in word and action.

Integrity: is acting consistently with our other core values.

Leadership: is the process of changing human behavior so as to accomplish the goals and mission of the organization.

Responsibility: is fulfilling our roles, being accountable for our actions and always being trustworthy.

Teamwork: is two or more officers working together to achieve a common goal.

A Commitment to Our Communities
Members of the Ramsey Police Department are committed to our communities through:
• unbiased and respectful treatment of all people
• accountability
• mutual problem solving
• cultural sensitivity
• enhancement of public safety
• partnerships and consultation
• open and honest communication
• effective and efficient use of resources
• quality and timely service

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