Chief Gurney’s Statement


June 4, 2020

To All:

The Ramsey Police Department is committed to our mission statement and core values. Ramsey Police Officers are also highly trained in many different disciplines that involves the use and de-escalation of force.

The Ramsey Police Department will always maintain communications with our community. Direct communications with the public, will assist us on delivering the best police service possible. Along with supplying professional police service, it also allows us to understand the neeeds and sentiments of our residents.

The Ramsey Police Department condemns the acts perpetrated by the officers involved in Mr. Floyd’s untimely and preventable death. The Ramsey Police Department extends sincere condolences to the Floyd family. Mr Floyd’s death at the hand of police officers, is in no way connected to the Ramsey Police Department. The Ramsey Police Officers also realize the actions of a few bad police officers, taints all good police officers. No one detests bad police officers more than good police officers.

Although this COVID-19 pandemic and the recent tragic events in Minneapolis has challenged us, I assure you that every Ramsey Police Officer is committed to treat and serve ALL citizens, fairly and with respond.

Very Truly yours,

Bryan Gurney

Chief of Police

Chief Gurney’s Publication

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