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The Ramsey Police Traffic Units responsibilities include traffic enforcement, fatal/serious injury crash investigations, road side safety checks, parking code enforcement, and public awareness of traffic laws. The Traffic Units primary responsibility is to reduce traffic collisions within the 6 square miles of the Borough of Ramsey. We accomplish this through enforcement of traffic laws and high visibility. It has been shown and proven in studies throughout the United States that the amount of traffic enforcement directly affects the amount and seriousness of traffic collisions. As the amount of citations and visibility increases, the amount of collisions decrease reducing personal injuries and property damage. Certain areas are chosen for maximum enforcement due to the number of crashes in that area, and/or complaints received about the area. Aggressive traffic enforcement has been found to be a contributing factor in reducing crime. The Traffic Unit has trained accident re-construction investigators (FAIU) who respond in cases of serious or fatal crashes as well as trained traffic control specialists who review construction projects for their impact on travel throughout the borough.

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The Ramsey Police Departments Traffic Division will be conducting a pedestrian safety initiative. The initiative will include, but not be limited to, use of cellular telephones when operating a motor vehicle, driver’s not stopping for pedestrians in a crosswalk, and jay-walkers.

The signboard on Main Street is programmed to display messages to advising drivers to not use their phones (hands-free devices only) and stop for pedestrians that are in a crosswalks.
AAA and DOT have provided pamphlets explaining the dangers of cell phone use while driving and pedestrian safety. The initiative will cover all of Main Street. Officers will be conducting enforcement efforts everywhere between North Central Avenue and Island Avenue. The initiative consists of three phases. The phases are engineering, education, and enforcement.

Engineering – The Borough has taken care of the engineering aspect with upgrading crosswalks and sidewalks on Main Street. The Ramsey Police has added signs alerting motorists to yield to pedestrians, and the addition of the signboard also falls within the engineering phase.

Education – Selective enforcement details will be conducted on day tours during the week. The RPD has assigned crossing guards to the area on Saturdays and Sundays to assist with pedestrians and the Ramsey Farmers Market. During the education phase officers may issue verbal and written warnings; as well as written summonses when they deem necessary. Verbal warnings shall all be accompanied by a pamphlet to educate drivers.

Enforcement – Once the education phase is completed, the enforcement phase will begin. At that time, officers will issue summonses at their discretion, with the intent being corrective action on the part of the motorists.

Please help us with our efforts to keep Main St. safe!

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