Training Unit

Maintaining a highly trained department is a never ending endeavor. Firearms training is the primary focus of the RPD training unit. The Ramsey Police Department fired approx. 28,500 handgun, carbine and shotgun rounds during training and mandatory firearms qualifications.

In addition to firearms and tactical training, Officers receive dynamic training in the use of force, OC, ASP tactical baton, vehicular pursuit driving, ballistic shields, and domestic violence investigation. Training Is accomplished using a variety of styles which range from role playing to web-based programs and videos.

The RPD Training Unit also utilizes a training management system (PowerDMS) where officers can review powerpoints, department policies and SOP’s and are eventually tested on the material they’ve reviewed.

The Ramsey Police also mandates that Officers enroll in the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security Training Center (NJLearn). The First Responder Training Center provides state of the art e-Learning and development courses in accordance with the NJ Attorney Generals Guidelines for Police Officers.

Training Unit Instructors:
Capt. D. Stitz
Lt. K. Cherven
Lt. B. Lyman
Sgt. R. Falotico
Sgt. M. Parise
Det. A. Szelag

P.O. D. Bornkamp

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